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Another Ethiopian businessman gunned down in South Africa

Another Ethiopian businessman gunned down in South Africa

Ethiopian Businessman KilledSOUTH AFRICA – Ethiopians cry as paramedics remove the body of their countryman, Abebe Kebele.
TEARS flowed after a tuckshop owner was shot dead.

Dozens of Ethiopians wept after the killing of one of their countrymen on Thursday night.

They walked around the crime scene, raising their hands to the dark skies and crying out in a sad harmony that shocked local residents.

Witnesses said two men arrived at the spaza shop pretending to be customers. One pulled a gun and shot Abebe Bekele (26) through the window of the tuckshop.

The incident happened at Tshepong in the Vaal, south of Joburg.

The motive for the killing is unknown as the thugs fled without taking anything. The married father of two boys and a girl died on the scene.

Then scores of Ethiopians began arriving as his cold body lay between crates of bread and boxes of eggs.

His brother Manasa Yebero (23) said his death showed that foreign tuckshop owners weren’t safe in Vaal townships.

“It looks as if we are under violent attack,’’ he said.

“Ten months ago another Ethiopian businessman was killed in Driezik, near Orange Farm.”

Abebe will be buried this week.

Constable Matthews Tshabangu said they were investigating a murder case.

Tshabangu said: “We are pleading with members of the public who might have information about this incident to come forward.”

SunReaders with information can contact Lieutenant-Colonel Elias Thithi on 082 778 5941.

Abebe’s death comes after several attacks on Ethiopian, Bangladeshi and Pakistani businessmen and the looting of their stores in townships.


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