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Ethiopia: Addis Ababa City administration gives green light for anti-gay demo

Ethiopia: Addis Ababa City administration gives green light for anti-gay demo

The Addis Ababa Youth Forum and a religious association known as the Weyneye Abune Teklehaimanot Spiritual Association have received permission from the Addis Ababa City Administration to hold a mass demonstration in the capital to protest against Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals and Transsexuals (LGBT)

and the violence that is being committed against minors.

The request made by the Forum and the Association was given the green light by the city government last Tuesday. The mass protest is scheduled to be held on April 26 under the motto ‘Keeping alien culture and homosexuality at bay’.

Earlier, it was reported that the two organizations had formally requested the city government to hold a mass protest and Hailemichael Bizuayehu, chairman of the forum, said that his forum’s initiative against gay movements has been backed by governmental institutions such as the Addis Ababa City Culture and Tourism Bureau, Addis Ababa Labor and Social Affairs Bureau, Women, Youth and Children Affairs Bureau and the Addis Ababa Police Commission.

The forum, which claims to have over 55,000 members in Addis Ababa, is expecting over 200 thousands people to come to the streets and protest against LGBT. The chairman said that it will become a part of the awareness-raising activities, adding that a lot of children are exposed to rape.

The forum also indicated that it is planning to hold a public forum and symposium among various religious organizations as part of the move to raise public awareness “on the threatening condition of gays”.

The forum also disclosed that it wanted the government to consider the undermined progress of gay movements.

It also aims at preventing homosexuality and claims that the participating individuals are trying to be more organized.

Asked whether the demonstration would be used for other purpose other than opposing LGBT, Memhir Dereje Negash, chairman of Weyneye Abune Teklehaimanot Spiritual Association, told The Reporter that the organizers have taken all necessary precautions to address only the matter in hand.

Source: The Reporter

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